Theatre in Prison

Once a year up to 20 young prisoners of the Juveline law enforcement in Regis-Breitingen get the opportunity to express themselves on stage, focus on different topics and improve their social live skills.

Based on biographic material and accompanied by professional artists they learn how to create an artistic outcome out of their experiences.

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drama festival at.tension#5


The 5th edition of our drama festival is history and it´s time to look back. Under the following link you can find more information and a complete version of the résumé.

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Mein Name ist Mensch

Theatre in Prison

What kind of significance is theatre becoming in prison?

Keeping this question in mind I made my way to the Juveline law enforcement in Regis-Breitingen. The Encounter with prisoners during the theatreproject "Blind Date" themselves in discrepence to their actual living environment spoke volumes. Who can achieve something? Who is guilty? Who might be the best? Sometimes these questions trigger to fight against eachother and rule the play. Sometimes they allow us to look behind the scenes. But almost all the time they enable an inharmoniousness which grant artistic merits to the artistic expressions.

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As my work in prison constitutes new experiences, theatre itself seems to be unfamilier for these young people. The conscious contact with body and voice, the development of group dynamics, the srcutinizing of acting from different perspectives becomes increasingly the focus on our work. Chased by a strong will, difficult moments are managed with power of endurance and creativity as well as high expectations to themselves. The amazing energie of these young prisoners is fascinating and inspiring to the same time. Theatre means work. And the failure on stage belongs to it.

Together they created a play based on own experiences. Besides serious examination of themes like death, love and violence the deadpan humour of these youngsters blowed up bonds of deep sorrow and left the audience smiling.

Theatreproject "Rausch" with kids from Rosa-Parks-School

What role does "Rausch" (meaning of the German word) play in our daily life? Students of the 9th grade of Rosa-Parks-School dealt with this topic for three weeks and elaborated especially its physically, mentally and musical state of thing.

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The students worked on dramaturgical aspects, documentation and creation of a flyer fitting to the project. Professional supported by two theatre pedagogues, one musician, a journalist of culture as well as two teachers a theatre play arose which broached the issue and reflected the living environment of the 16 years old kids.

Bridging the Gap - An intercultural research project on integration

The project „Bridging the Gap - An intercultural research project on integration“ was devoted to a particular conflictarea in Kosovo. Since the end of the war in 1999 the population of Mitrovica in the northern Kosovo has been divided.

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In the south the majority is Albanian (approx. 60,000 inhabitants), whereas in the north the majority of the population is Serbian (approx. 16,000 inhabitants). Two road bridges and one pedestrian bridge (which is used solely by albanians) connect the two parts of the city across the "border river" Ibar. Besides Roma and Bosniaks both ethnic groups constitute the majority of population and at the same time the conflict parties.


The project aimed to capture a snapshot of the current situation of two adolescents of the major ethnicities in a two-month process. To the title "My Home" and "My Conflict" moving Improvisations have been developed, which tell a personal story and show the potential scope of artistic work .